I need a political palate cleanser before Monday…

Perhaps re-watching Dr. Strangelove would help.

A few people have suggested that I’ve crossed the line in some of my posts in the last week….that I’m endorsing the democratic candidate. Actually not true. My vote is my business. You may ultimately figure it out by November, but right now, I just want everyone informed and I see part of my role as a self-proclaimed commentator is to critique everyone.

Do I think a lot of what we heard in the last week is dangerous? You bet. Did I say so? You bet. Would it be appropriate to remain silent in the face of a rhetoric of fear, hatred or isolation? Um, actually my Boss kind of answered that question for me a long time ago.

I intend to cast a critical eye on what we see next week as well and to post some of the big media reaction, just not from Fox–never from Fox.

Will it be the same kind of critique as this week? I doubt it, but then, contrary to much of what I read (and with respect to many friends) I don’t find the two parties’ approach to this election thus far remotely similar….other than they both want your vote.

What they will do to get it will say much about both of them. Round 2 starts in 2.5 days (or sooner if there is a VP announcement tonight).


Author: RevKirby

Middle-aged progressive ex-lawyer/pastor in Evanston with keen interest in justice, law, theology, show tunes, history and trivia.

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