About Me

Born in Texas in 1964. This makes me a cusp…almost Boomer, almost Gen X. I tend to identify more with the latter due to general immaturity. I was a litigation and appellate attorney for 12 years in Texas before going to seminary. I’ve been an ordained Presbyterian Church (USA) Teaching Elder (formerly Minister of Word and Sacrament) since November of 2003 and have lived in Chicagoland since then. I’m actually a triple ordinand–Deacon, Ruling Elder and Teaching Elder–that’s how obnoxiously Presbyterian I am after having been raised Southern Baptist.

After 12 years on the SW side, I’m now an Evanstonian, still learning how to live on the North Shore. I sing with the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus and I serve on the board of directors of the Presbyterian Homes and Grace Seeds Ministry, a mostly south-side ministry of growing both food and a sense of connectedness, to battle both hunger and spiritual isolation.

I’m passionate about a progressive approach to scripture and theology. I like to think I know a little something about history, art, politics, Broadway shows and musical theatre in general, entertainment trivia, literature and movies–but I’m a master of none.

I take many things very seriously, but not myself, very often. Or at least I try.